Amenity for Tenants

The Conference Center is an amenity for our tenants residing at 370 Main Street and 10 Mechanic Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. These tenants will incur no charge for use, unless the room requires extra cleaning after the event. Additional cleaning fee is $50.00.


Seating capacity is 30 people
WiFi is available for guests
60” flat screen projection
HDMI and VGA outlets are in two locations
Please provide your own cables for your devices



Reservation Request

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Please include the date and time frame of your reservation request.

Rates and Policy for Non-Tenants

By the Hour: $150.00
$100.00 + $50.00 Cleaning

Half Day: $400.00
4 hours $350.00 + $50.00 Cleaning

Full Day: $750.00
8 hours $700.00 + $50.00 Cleaning


For non-tenant reservations only, if your event cancels or reschedules less than two weeks of the reservation date, there will be a $100.00 cancellation fee assessed, unless the cancellation is due to inclement weather.